How to prepare a pallet for shipping

Posted 5th December, 2017

At Station Couriers, we ship multiple pallets every day and take great care in making sure your pallet arrives at its destination undamaged.

Pallet freight has become a popular way of delivering goods as it is an affordable way of shipping a large weight. There is less chance of items becoming damaged on a pallet as they are handled by forklift trucks, instead of people struggling to lift the heavy packages.

We take great care of every parcel and pallet that we ship but unfortunately, accidents can still happen. They often occur because of poor preparation, stacking and wrapping of the pallet.


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Here are some tips on how to prepare your pallet successfully

  • Choosing the correct pallet

Your pallet should be large enough that the items don’t overhang on the edges. This is to avoid any extra charges to your shipment costs and also protect your packages from any damage caused by squeezing into spaces.

You should choose a strong pallet, with no broken boards or nails sticking out. You should check that it is designed to take the weight of the load.

  • Stacking the pallet

Before stacking your pallet, there are several steps you can take ensure it is delivered successfully. Any cardboard boxes that are used to package the items should be new, strong and sealed securely. Any empty space around the product in the box should be filled with packing materials, e.g. bubble wrap or polystyrene.

The heaviest items should be stacked on the bottom of the pallet, followed by the lighter items on top. You should stack the boxes in columns to give the load the most strength. To distribute the weight of the load evenly, you can use a slip sheet or pallet liner paper between every third layer. Using a sheet underneath the packages will also protect the bottom layer.

  • Securing the goods

To prepare your pallet for shipping, you need to use strapping or banding to secure the load to the pallet. To needs to be drawn tightly, to avoid any parcels becoming loose.

Another technique that is recommended is to use stretch wrapping around the whole pallet load. It should be applied around the load, and then continued upwards. Stretch wrap can also be twisted into rope for extra strength.

At Station Couriers, we offer a wide range of pallet services and sizes, starting with a quarter-sized pallet to oversized pallets. We also have a range of flexible delivery options to suit your needs.

We can assist you in making sure your pallet is stacked correctly for shipping.

For more information on the pallet delivery services we supply, click here.

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During these challenging times, and In a society where we are all too fast to complain when things are not as they should be, I believe in giving credit where credit is due.

I have recently received two deliveries from your company on behalf of Gravel Master U.K. and on both occasions by the same friendly and courteous driver (*Mark Lello*). Unfortunately I don't have his name, but it was his general manor, and the small gesture of putting the pallets in my garage, rather than leaving them kerbside that impressed me.

Please convey my sincere thanks to him.

Mark Crump