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Customer Update

Posted 23rd March, 2020

Due to the high volume of demands on our services, all of which are unlike anything we have ever seen and which has no doubt been caused by the uncertain times we are living in at the moment, we have had no option but to limit our services for certain goods.

Station Couriers are now operating a Next Day service on Essential Goods such as Medical, Food, Plastic Containers and others.

We would kindly ask that Non-Essential Goods such as Home Decor, Gardening, Leisure etc be sent Economy or better still, Book In Service.

We are very sorry if this caused any inconvenience to your company or your customers, but we now have to prioritise our service so that we can keep the supply chain running efficiently.

Should you have any questions about any existing deliveries or any deliveries you would like to book in, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our social media or by calling 01686 621 190



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As a reliable next day delivery service for both our boxed and palletised perishable goods deliveries throughout the United Kingdom, Station Couriers has played it's part in assisting with our companies continued expansion and growth. Knowing our perishable and often high value goods will be with the customer on time, delivered as instructed and in a good state means we can be confident that our professional service continues all the way through to the final customer contact.
Our company has dealt with carriers and logistics for over two decades and we believe Station Couriers has delivered the highest customer satisfaction levels in that time.

Claire Austin Hardy Plants Ltd
Claire Austin