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Newtown bypass has opened after 70-year wait

Posted 4th March, 2019

Newtown bypass has finally opened after a 70-year wait since discussions originally began. The four-mile long road opened in Newtown, Powys on Thursday 14th February 2019 shortly after 1pm.

We are very happy that the long-awaited road has now opened. It will help us significantly when we are travelling to and from our warehouse, which is situated in Newtown.

Previously, there would be a large amount of traffic travelling through the town centre, often leading to congestion. The Welsh Government have estimated that the opening of the bypass will ease congestion through the town centre by 40%. Approximately 17,000 vehicles will drive along the new bypass every day.

A public notice was printed in 1949 which shows plans for a bypass to be considered by the former Montgomeryshire County Council. However, work didn’t officially begin on the road until 2016. Just under three years later, the £95m project is complete.

The work was undertaken by Alun Griffiths Contractors who have completed the project ahead of schedule, and under budget.

Newtown Bypass Facts:

  • Work began in February 2016
  • Cost approximately £95 million to complete
  • The road has two lanes in one direction, and one lane in the opposite direction to provide safe overtaking sections of the road.
  • Set to ease traffic through the town centre by 40%
  • Around 17,000 vehicles will travel on the road every day
  • 90% of lorries will now use the bypass instead of travelling through the town centre
  • More than 1,000 workers have worked on the site.



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