For the love of logistics – 5 fun facts you never knew

Posted 30th May, 2022

Everyone is passionate about something – and here at Station Couriers our passion is making sure your goods get to where they need to be, when they need to be there. We truly love logistics! In fact, we are so enthusiastic about making things move that we couldn’t resist sharing some weird and wonderful facts with you.

1. One of the world’s largest industries.

You may not be aware, but the logistics sector is made up of six main areas: warehouses, storage, sea shipping, road, aviation and railway. Almost every company, big or small, needs to move their stuff around to make a profit, so it’s no surprise that transport is such big business. The UK’s road transport industry is the biggest in Europe, while the industry is projected to grow by over 20% worldwide over the next decade.

2. Bringing food to tables

We often take our supermarket shelves for granted – until they are suddenly empty. Up until the recent covid pandemic, it is fair to say most of us never really thought about the supply chain when doing our shopping – but it is now far more in our consciousness after stock shortages have been experienced due to a series of knock on effects from covid and Brexit.

And meals at home aren’t the only dishes dependent on logistics – did you know that 4 billion meals are delivered to restaurants and pubs throughout the UK every year, while the amount of beer carried by UK lorries in a year would be enough to fill Wembley stadium.

3. A great career choice

As far as career choices go, logistics is well worth considering. It is a growing industry that currently employs over 735,000 people in the UK alone. There are also excellent learning opportunities available, from GCSE level to degree level – many of which can be earned while also working and earning.

Not to mention the opportunities in Hollywood too – after all, Tom Hanks made nearly $500 million worldwide at the box offices, playing a FedEx employee…

4. An ancient industry

When you think about it, logistics is possibly one of the earliest industries in the world. The need to move things around dates back to the earliest days of civilisation. The first records of a cart with wheels stretch back to 3,500 BC, while the ancient Greeks are known to have used something akin to the modern wheelbarrow for transport – all predecessors to today’s industry.  

More recently, the invention of the forklift truck in the early 1900’s brought about what was possibly the most important milestone in the history of logistics.

5. More women are needed

The first woman truck driver to earn a commercial driver’s license and drive a commercial truck was American Lillie McGee Drennan in 1929. She is said to have carried a revolver with her at all times! Even today, women are vastly outnumbered in the trucking industry, accounting for around 7% of truck drivers in America and just 1.2% in the UK. While the industry has improved greatly over the years and now sees itself as open to women, there is still a lot of work to be done.


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During these challenging times, and In a society where we are all too fast to complain when things are not as they should be, I believe in giving credit where credit is due.

I have recently received two deliveries from your company on behalf of Gravel Master U.K. and on both occasions by the same friendly and courteous driver (*Mark Lello*). Unfortunately I don't have his name, but it was his general manor, and the small gesture of putting the pallets in my garage, rather than leaving them kerbside that impressed me.

Please convey my sincere thanks to him.

Mark Crump